After over a year in the making, we are within reach of our first feature film. We’ve raised 85% of the money we need from private investors, and are hoping to get the final 15% from Kickstarter so we made a Kickstarter video.

Kickstarter Video Boy Band Screenshot Joel Stephen Levinson

That’s Joel in the overalls. That’s Stephen in the glasses. And that’s Dayton in all it’s glory. We discussed a lot of different angles for our Kickstarter pitch:

  1. Appealing to boy band aficionados who, like Harry Potter fans, are desperate to know what has happened 20 years on.
  2. Musical comedy fans. The only three I can think of are Matt Stone and Trey Parker. Oh, and anyone who’s ever enjoyed Glee or Empire.
  3. Daytonians. I mean, it’s a movie being made in Dayton, by Daytonians so that’s a pretty natural fit.

But in the end, after a conversation with my very liberal and very activist friend who said “I don’t really give money to thinks that aren’t about saving children or fighting global warming,” we decided to go with this angle – kinda on the nose but hey, we are definitely not fighting global warming with this movie. Might as well be honest.

Well if YOU don’t want EVERY dollar you spend to fight global warming, and maybe you just want to have a few bucks go towards comedy and making yourself happy and finding some laughs, then we’d like to cordially invite you to back our campaign. And tell someone. Or tweet about it. Whatever feels good.