Making a Movie Right Here Right Now!

One week in on the most creative, exhilarating and fulfilling week of our professional lives – plus we’ve spent about 30% of the time laughing our asses off. Our movie Boy Band is filming right now, here in Dayton, and as of yesterday we finally have all of our all-star cast assembled and getting to be hilarious together. Maybe one of the best parts is getting to have all these hilarious comedians we love from the coasts to drag with us to our favorite local spots for food and booze. Speaking of which – comedy show at Wiley’s!! Steve Agee, Jordan Carlos, Seth Herzog, Dave Hill, Esther Ku, Julie Goldman and Dave Gruber Allen all on one stage tonight at 8:00pm which may be the best lineup of stand ups Dayton has seen in twenty years. dont have time for a proper blog post cause we have to get on set but our days have featuring singing at the Masonic Temple, jokes underneath a Monet at the DAI, and fake morning zoo radio at WYSO, some of which is pictured above. See you all tonight at the...

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Top Five Greatest Movie Musicals of All Time

Up top, great news for the movie – fellow Yellow Springer (and kickass hip-hop producer) Issa Ali is gonna be producing a few of the tracks for the album. That means that some very silly comedy songs are gonna end up sounding like some very real musical tracks. Here’s some proof – a song Issa produced with Taleb Kweli… And it got me thinking, now knowing that the songs are gonna sound next level with Issa’s skills, at it’s heart what we are making with “Boy Band: The HeartThrob Story” is a musical. And THAT got me thinking about the best musicals of all...

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Putting the F in DMAFFest

I’m gonna be honest – Joel and I fought nonstop when we were growing up. It wasn’t my fault – Joel used to do unforgivable things when he was younger. Like try to play with my cool Star Wars toys when I had friends over, or look up to me. And what could be more humiliating than a trip to the Salem Mall with your kid brother in tow? I mean, what if I was browsing through Borders or Waldenbooks, skimming a really awesome Advanced Dungeons & Dragons module or the latest Garfield book – Joel might grab an...

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The Ultimate Boy Bander Voltron Illustration Time-lapse

Making this movie about a grown up Boy Band well past their prime (and please pop on over to the kickstarter to give if you haven’t! Even at the $1 level it helps a ton!) has got me thinking a LOT over the year about all things boy band. And growing up in the 80’s as I did, what it really made me want to do was Voltron an ultimate boy band member. That meant picking hair, face, arms, legs and feet to smash together into the ultimate “musician” capable of fighting an alien. And though I was able to do it...

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Boy Band Casting Call

Joel always fancied himself a taller, thinner, slightly more Jewish looking version of Lou Perlman, and now is his chance to prove it. (You know Lou Pearlman, right? Manager who manufactured the greatest boy bands of the 90’s and then died disgraced in prison?) Except we will be a far less evil version. We need help finding actors who look like young versions of our grown-up stars, so the more people we can get a look at the better! Please forward this post to anyone you know who’s connected to actors, theater programs, acting schools, etc. On Saturday, September 10th, we’ll be...

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