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Putting the F in DMAFFest

I’m gonna be honest – Joel and I fought nonstop when we were growing up. It wasn’t my fault – Joel used to do unforgivable things when he was younger. Like try to play with my cool Star Wars toys when I had friends over, or look up to me. And what could be more humiliating than a trip to the Salem Mall with your kid brother in tow? I mean, what if I was browsing through Borders or Waldenbooks, skimming a really awesome Advanced Dungeons & Dragons module or the latest Garfield book – Joel might grab an...

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Tallest Boy Bands Of All Time Measured In Meters

With two weeks down and two to go in our Kickstarter Campaign, we’re ridiculously excited to have hit the 2/3rds mark on fundraising – it’s really happening! We’re really gonna make our first movie! (and please give now if you haven’t yet!) As most of Kickstarter funds are raised during the first 3 days and the last 3 days, this middle 3 week period is what’s referred to in the industry as “the three middle weeks where not as much happens.” (Someone should talk to the people in the industry and work on a better name for this, by...

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Michael J. Fox Is An Extraordinary Actor

  Sometimes, an actor moves into our psyche as American’s in such a profound way, that it’s important for us to take some time out to identify them, and bring attention to their work. Today, I want to point out the vast and varied career of Michael J. Fox. Below, everything you need to know to understand his incredible rise to superstardom. (IMPORTANT NOTE: This article was written by a fiverr person I hired to write a blog post about Michael J. Fox. With the only caveat being that they were not allowed to mention either Family Ties or...

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