It can be really hard to be an Orthodox Jewish person in this world, there are 613 laws that they are responsible for following every day – from not coveting to not murdering to – and they’re tough under ANY circumstances. But not coveting OR murdering on an airplane? Good luck. Even I can’t do THAT. Even on an El Al flight.

So of course we as Levinson Brothers totally understand the burden that our Orthodox male friends face when, in spite of the fact that there is a clear law from God (or whichever of God’s assistants was in charge of Middle East Literature approximately 4000 years ago) that you are not allowed to just start fucking any women all the time whenever you want to. So that’s tough stuff.

Fortunately, members of the Orthodox community came up with a solution – to avoid the incredibly difficult temptations of randomly screwing strange women on a crowded airplane (that, for the record, often smells like tin-foil wrapped fish dishes from Eastern European countries) they decided to just stop sitting next to them. Unfortunately, those women for some reason got offended at the general disgust directed at them from their male counterparts, and there have been some “issues.”

To help the situation, we worked in conjunction with the El Al Authorities*, animator Rich Chapple (and the awesome people at Tablet) we created this new in-flight safety video.

*El Al has absolutely nothing to do with this. Other than being so disgusting they tolerate the schmucks who refuse to sit next to human women.