Canada Up On Top Again cartoon.

According to some Canadians, we wrote one of the 20 funniest Canadian songs of all times. This is determined by the Canadian Broadcasting Company. And they should know, because they’re Canadian. Our song “Canada Up On Top Again” featuring 3/5ths of the Kids in the Hall, Will Arnett, kd lang, Alex Trebek, Cobie Smulders, Steven Page and many more hilarious and musical Canadians.

Take a listen.

Canadian flag flying in the wind.

Canada’s flag represents how their democracy is clearly owned by Big Syrup

Maybe you’re not familiar with Canada or the Toronto Maple Leafs hockey team. Or maybe you’ve never driven to the world’s largest mall in Edmonton. Perhaps you’ve visited Manitoba but forgot to stop by Winnipeg or you’ve holiday’ed in British Columbia, but never really visited an iceberg. Well hopefully by listening to this song you’ll feel like none of that is necessary.