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Joel and Dave Gruber Allen

The one aWes one looking picture of Joel and Gruber is the one taken by Yellow Springs photographer extraordinaire Matthew Collins

One week in on the most creative, exhilarating and fulfilling week of our professional lives – plus we’ve spent about 30% of the time laughing our asses off. Our movie Boy Band is filming right now, here in Dayton, and as of yesterday we finally have all of our all-star cast assembled and getting to be hilarious together.

Maybe one of the best parts is getting to have all these hilarious comedians we love from the coasts to drag with us to our favorite local spots for food and booze. Speaking of which – comedy show at Wiley’s!! Steve Agee, Jordan Carlos, Seth Herzog, Dave Hill, Esther Ku, Julie Goldman and Dave Gruber Allen all on one stage tonight at 8:00pm which may be the best lineup of stand ups Dayton has seen in twenty years.

dont have time for a proper blog post cause we have to get on set but our days have featuring singing at the Masonic Temple, jokes underneath a Monet at the DAI, and fake morning zoo radio at WYSO, some of which is pictured above.

See you all tonight at the show!