It’s been a while since an update because while apparently everyone is pretty pissed at 2016 including John Oliver, it contained a month jam-packed with the culmination of decades of dreaming for the Levinson Brothers – specifically, we filmed our movie! And during it, we discovered just how important it is to know how to tie a tie a couple ways.

Look at that! Lights, cameras, big pieces of foam, a famous actor on a table – and in the middle of it all, Joel walking around in a tie. (He started with a jacket on for the record, but it usually came off mid-day to prove that he was working hard.)

Why a jacket and tie on a movie set? That comes down to a few reasons. Quoting Joel:

  1. I haven’t had a lot of chances to wear a tie in my jobs. For some reason it wasn’t required on the 24 hour fitness front desk graveyard shift guy, so this was a nice chance.
  2. It was an instant visual cue that not only said “I am the director so please listen to me,” but also said “I shouldn’t have to dirty my precious director hands” and “look at me, I’m helping you move this c-stand even though I’m wearing a tie, I’m kinda like a regular dude too!
  3. I wanted to because it seemed fun! I could have done the whole movie in Overalls (and next time maybe I will, but I’m gonna have to find some really nice dress overalls) but in that Sun Tzu way to go to war trying to trick the enemy – in this case, the enemy being the movie I was attempting to force into existence and submission – it seemed like a good choice for battle.

As November rolls into December, we’re in the early stages of the creative edit, finally coming out of the weeds of the filming but since the only thing we’ve turned a camera on in the past two months is our movie and there’s no WAY we’re showing pieces of that before it’s done, please enjoy this couple year old video about how to tie a tie with some rapping.