Up top, great news for the movie – fellow Yellow Springer (and kickass hip-hop producer) Issa Ali is gonna be producing a few of the tracks for the album. That means that some very silly comedy songs are gonna end up sounding like some very real musical tracks. Here’s some proof – a song Issa produced with Taleb Kweli…

And it got me thinking, now knowing that the songs are gonna sound next level with Issa’s skills, at it’s heart what we are making with “Boy Band: The HeartThrob Story” is a musical. And THAT got me thinking about the best musicals of all time. So I went ahead and googled it. Look at this stupid bullshit that comes up.

IMDB List of Top Twenty Musicals of all time. Singing in the Rain? Oklahoma? Yankee Doodle Fucking Dandy? And there’s not ONE comedy on there. Ridiculous. I needed to make my own list. Top five musicals of all time that is not biased against comedies.

#5) “The Blues Brothers.” Nothing better proves the point that musical comedies get disrespected than this thing not making the list. If you put Ray Charles, Aretha Franklin and Cab Calloway in a movie where everyone gets cancer and dies, it’d be top three of all time.

#4) “The Wiz.” Take a moderately entertaining and highly overrated movie from the 1930s, add horns, basslines and a wah peddle, Diana Ross, and turn Ray Bulger into Michael Jackson and you have a massively improved film.

#3) “The Sound of Music.” The genius of the Sound of Music is that they song leader the music at you – namely, they play it repeatedly throughout the film so that you cannot help but learn the lyrics. Also Edelweiss is beautiful so back the fuck off.

#2) “Spinal Tap.” Musically it’s perfect. Play it for non English speakers and they will rock out harder than the druids on the Solstice. It invented a new genre of film for God’s sake.

#1) “South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut.” If there was any doubt that Matt Stone and Trey Parker are the greatest musical comedy geniuses of our time, it was dispelled the moment the song “La Resistance” came on and made you realize that not a moment of that movie was haphazard, and that musically they were setting you up to have your fragile, little mind blown while you thought they were just doing jokes about Canada and Uncle Fuckers.

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